Aula Toledo offers intensive courses to improve your Spanish level in the shortest possible time. Our teaching methods and materials have been specifically designed to achieve this objective.

Quality and personalized attention to every single student are our trademarks. The courses at Aula Toledo are mainly practical and result oriented.

The classes at Aula Toledo are very small, with no more than 6 students per classroom. You also have the choice to receive individual tutoring in addition to the course of your choice.

All our teachers have a Degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language graduates and work with passion and thrill.

Aula Toledo offers you an experience not only about Spanish but also about Spain, its history and present, thanks to its unique location in the city of Toledo.  In this uncomparable environment you can enjoy cuisine, tourism and the Spanish way of life at the same time that you improve your knowledge of the language.


  • 20 classes/per week in a group class
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Morning classes
  • Beginning dates: Every week
  • Minum duration of the course: one week
  • Group size: Maximum 6
  • Levels: All
  • 249per week

Super Intensive

  • 24 classes/per week in a group class
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • 20 hours of morning classes and 4 hours of afternoon classes
  • Beginning dates: Every week
  • Minum duration of the course: one week
  • Group size: Maximum 6
  • Level: all
  • 319per week

2 to 1 course

  • 10 classes/per week
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Morning classes
  • Beginning dates: Every week
  • Minum duration of the course: one week
  • Level: all
  • 330per week

Taylor Made

  • These courses are tailored to the needs of individuals or specific groups.

    Based on Aula Toledo´s practical and intensive perspective.

    Dates and timetables of the courses can be adapted to satisfy students´needs. Prices will depend on the specific characteristics of the course designed.

  • Duration: From one week to whatever is decided.
  • Price on request

Online Classes

5 lessons voucher (€ 150) o 10 lessons voucher (€ 250) *Valid for one year
  • Aula Toledo offers you the opportunity to learn Spanish or continue with your Aula Toledo’s classes online, with greater flexibility of schedules.The available hours will be published every Monday. You can book the day and hour that you prefer.
  • Duration: 50 minutes classes + 10 extra minutes for the review, questions and send of new materials.

Course for ELE teachers

Price on request
  • Aula Toledo offers tailor-made-courses designed for ELE teachers and their specific needs.The dates and times of courses can be modified depending on the requirements of the client. Prices are subject to the characteristics of the course.
  • Duration: from one week to whatever is decided


  • Self learning resources.
  • WI-FI access throughout the building.
  • A placement test to evaluate your level.
  • A certificate of level reached, adapted to the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages. It requires 80% attendance.
  • Materials for class.
  • Individual study exercises to consolidate class activities and work on individual projects.
  • Tourist and cultural information.
  • Travel advisory service. We help you to book your excursions.
  • Language exchange service.


  • A guided tour around Toledo upon arrival to get useful info.
  • Different activities according to date and availability


Perfect for those who want a 24-hour Spanish experience. A way to experience the customs, cuisine, philophy and everyday life in Spain. Aula Toledo has a network of families eager to host students at their homes, all of them directly supervised by the team of Aula Toledo. All families are located in the town center or have a quick and easy access to it.

Single rooms furnished with a single or double bed, desk and cupboard. Shared or en-suite bathroom (depending on the house) Services: Half-board during the week laundry once a week as minimum, Internet (wired or wireless access, subject to availability)

Prices:: 200 Eur per week

Payment: Directly to Aula Toledo.



For those who would rather enjoy all the facilities provided by these establishments. We can offer hotels of any category -you can check the amenities at their web sites. Contact us saying which are your preferences and we will advise you.

Starting prices are 260 €/week for bed and breakfast, but vary depending on the establishment.



Feel like at home in enchanting, nicely furnished, perfectly located apartment and totally equipped. Perfect for those that travel with their partner or their family (up to 4 people per apartment)

Ask us for price course+apartment details.

Our methodology is based on the practice of the language in common real-life situations, following the guidance of the Instituto Cervantes. and the Commong European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Our objective is to consolidate your learning using actual conversations in the classroom and outsideDuring our activities you will need to communicate in Spanish with your fellow students, under the guidance and supervision of your teacher.

adapted to the specific needs of our students, implementing the most advanced techniques in language teaching. The supplementary material will let you work with real documents in a variety of formats to optimize your time.

The possibility of receiving individual coaching to strengthen your course work during the afternoons will allow you to improve your learning in the specific areas in which you feel weaker, or which interest you the most, making the most of your time in Aula Toledo.