Aula Toledo offers intensive courses of all levels to improve your level of Spanish in the shortest time possible. Our teaching method and the materials used are specifically designed to achieve this goal.

Quality and personalized attention to the needs of each of our clients are our benchmarks. The courses always have an eminently practical and results-oriented approach.

All the groups in Aula Toledo are small, no more than 8 students per class. There is also the possibility of attending extraordinary individual classes, additional to those of the chosen course. In addition, if you are a teacher you can benefit from scholarshipsErasmus+ (OID: E10176742).

As for our teachers, they are all licensed specialists in Spanish as a foreign language and they also live their work with enthusiasm and passion.

Aula Toledo offers an experience not only of Spanish but also of Spain, its history and its present thanks to its privileged location in the city of Toledo. An incomparable environment where you can enjoy gastronomy, tourism and the Spanish lifestyle while improving your knowledge of the language.

  • Classes per week: 20 group classes
  • Outdoor activities: 1 per week
  • Class size: Maximum 8 people
  • Course duration: From 1 to 52 weeks
  • Hours: Monday to Friday (mornings)
  • Starting dates: Every Monday
  • Class duration: 50 minutes
  • Levels: All levels from A1 to C1
  • Supplement of materials 25 euros

What will my class be like?

Groups vary greatly depending on the time of year. On the one hand, in February, March and April we receive groups of school students (mainly 14-18 years old) who come with their teachers and who carry out language stays in Aula Toledo. The origin of these groups is fundamentally European. On the other hand, we receive individual students who are very interested in learning Spanish culture and language and who choose Toledo for its historical importance and artistic richness.

We have students of all ages and varied backgrounds, but they all share a great interest in learning.

In general, the nationality that visits us the most is Italian followed by Dutch and American.

What includes?


  • Self-learning strategies.
  • WI-FI throughout the school.
  • Initial level exam.
  • Attendance certificate. Requires 80% attendance.
  • Certificate of achievement.
  • Tutoring with teachers according to needs.
  • Course didactic materials.
  • Tourist and cultural information to make the most of your afternoons.
  • Exchange service with Spaniards to facilitate the integration of students and practice Spanish both inside and outside of class.
  • Travel advisory service. We help you schedule your excursions.


  • Guided initial visit to orient yourself in the city and learn all the useful information about Toledo: Restaurants, bars, shops, leisure possibilities …
  • Varied activities according to date and availability.



In family.
Aimed at those who want their experience in Spain to be Spanish 24 hours. A way to experience the customs, cuisine and everyday Spanish way of life. Aula Toledo has a network of families who wish to host students in their homes. Aula Toledo has a network of families who wish to host students in their homes. All families live in the center or have quick and easy access to it.
Single room, furnished with single bed or two beds, desk and wardrobe. Shared or private bathroom (Depending on the house) half board, laundry once a week at least, Internet (Depending on availability)
Price: 200 Eur / week (with breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner)
Payment: Directly to Aula Toledo.


Feel at home in charming apartments, decorated with style, very well located and with all the comforts. Perfect for those who travel as a couple or as a family (capacity of up to four people).
Check price classes + apartment with us.



Hotels selected.
For those who prefer to have the options offered by staying in a hotel. We have hotels of all categories whose locations and characteristics you can see on their website. We have hotels of all categories whose locations and characteristics you can see on their website.
The base prices for hotel stays start from € 260 per week on a bed and breakfast basis. The figure will vary depending on the category of the same.

How am I going to learn?

We guide you to achieve your communication goal in Spanish. ¿How?

In class:

We suggest you go around the class using the pedagogical model of reverse pedagogy, which transfers the work of certain learning processes outside the classroom and uses class time to facilitate and enhance oral practice. The goal is to optimize class time as much as possible.

Out of class: living the city

In an immersive context you are exposed to the language all the time, so you improve your oral comprehension quickly, we invite you to use Toledo as a classroom!

From the school we inform you of all the possibilities that the city offers and we recommend the most appropriate ones to continue with the work of learning Spanish outside of class.

We also guide you in your reading of your leisure time. It is very important that you work on all the skills. With a holistic learning approach you will be able to advance faster.

We promote your autonomous learning. We show you a battery of resources adapted to you, so that you learn how you want and at your own pace once your course is finished.

We have a tutoring after your stay, in case you have questions or want to continue studying at a distance. Ask us for more information.

The levels we offer correspond to those marked in the CEFR according to the following table. we also reflect the approximate number of hours to obtain the level.

20 (level C2.13)
20 (level C2.12)
20 (level C1.11) 20 (level C2.11)
20 (level C1.10) 20 (level C2.10)
20 (level B2.9) 20 (level C1.9) 20 (level C2.9)
20 (level B2.8) 20 (level C1.8) 20 (level C2.8)
20 (level B1.7) 20 (level B2.7) 20 (level C1.7) 20 (level C2.7)
20 (level B1.6) 20 (level B2.6) 20 (level C1.6) 20 (level C2.6)
20 (level A2.4) 20 (level B1.5) 20 (level B2.5) 20 (level C1.5) 20 (level C2.5)
20 (level A2.3) 20 (level B1.4) 20 (level B2.4) 20 (level C1.4) 20 (level C2.4)
20 (level A1.3) 20 (level A2.3) 20 (level B1.3) 20 (level B2.3) 20 (level C1.3) 20 (level C2.3)
20 (level A1.2) 20 (level A2.2) 20 (level B1.2) 20 (level B2.2) 20 (level C1.2) 20 (level C2.2)
20 (level A1.1) 20 (level A2.1) 20 (level B1.1) 20 (level B2.1) 20 (level C1.1) 20 (level C2.1)
A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2
60 100 140 180 220 240