These courses are designed to meet your needs 100%.. You establish your goals and the teacher designs a plan that is totally tailor-made. The number of hours per week, timetable and contents of your course is totally fexible.

This is the best option for making the most of your time learning Spanish.

If you are looking for a specific type of Spanish such as business Spanish, Spanish for doctors, Spanish for tourism or any other topic, this is the course for you.

In your classes we can study: Spanish for business, Spanish for medicine, Spanish for tourism, Spanish literature, comparative grammar, phonology, etc.

25*€/h*según cantidad de horas elegidas
  • Classes per week: As preferred
  • Outdoor activities: 2 per week
  • Duration of the course: From 1 to 52 weeks
  • Timetable: As preferred
  • Beginning dates: As preferred
  • Duration of the class: As preferred
  • Levels: From A1 to C2

What will my class be like?

Our groups vary a lot according to the period of the year.On one hand,in February,March and April we receive groups of

School students (mainly 14-18 years old) who come with  their teachers. The origin os these groups is fundamentally European. On the other hand,we receive individual students who are very interested in learning Spanish culture and language and who choose Toledo for its historical importance and artistic richness.We have students of all ages and varied backgrounds,but they all share a great interest in learning. In general, the nacionality that visits us the most is Italian followed by Dutch and American.



  • Self-learning resources.
  • WI-FI access throughout the building.
  • A placement test to evaluate your level.
  • A certificate of level reached, adapted to the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages. It requires 80% attendance.
  • Materials for class.
  • Individual study exercises to consolidate class activities and work on individual projects.
  • Tourist and cultural information.
  • Travel advisory service. We help you to book your excursions.
  • Language exchange service.


  • A guided tour around Toledo upon arrival to get useful info.
  • Different activities according to date and availability.



Perfect for those who want a 24-hour Spanish experience. A way to experience thecustoms,cuisine,philosophy of everyday life in Spain. Aula Toledo has a network of families eager to host students at their homes; all of them are directly supervised by the team at Aula Toledo. All families are located in the town center or have a quick and easy access to it.

Single rooms furnished with a single or double bed, desk and cupboard. Shared or en-suite bathroom (depending on the house)

Services: Half-board during the week laundry once a week at a minimum, Internet (wired or wireless access, subject to availability).

Prices:200 Eur per week

Payment: Directly to Aula Toledo



Feel like you´re at home in an enchanting,nicely furnished, perfectly located and totally equipped apartment. Perfect for those who travel with their partner or their family (up to 8 people per apartment).

Ask us for price course+apartment details.



For those who would rather enjoy all the facilities provided by a hotel ,we can offer a wide range of choices.You can also check the amenities at their web sites. Let us know what your preferences are and we will attend to the rest.

Starting prices are 260 €/week for bed and breakfast, but vary depending on the establishment.

How am I going to learn?

We will guide you to reach your Spanish communication goals.


Our methodology is based on the practice of the language in common real-life situations, following the guidance of the Insituto Cervantes and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Our objective is to consolidate your learning using actual conversations in the classroom and outside by living in the town.

In an immersion context you are 100% exposed to Spanish so you will improve your oral comprehension quickly. We invite you to use Toledo as a classroom!

Aula Toledo will inform you about every option our town has to offer and advise on the ones that best meet your needs.

We recommed that you also read in Spanish during your free time. It is very important you work with all your skills in Spanish. A global approach to learning will make makes it easier for you to make rapid progress.

We will also help you with methods for self-learning by providing resources that match your specific level, so you may continue learning at your own pace after your course has completed.


   20 (level C2.13)
   20 (level C2.12)
  20 (level C1.11)    20 (level C2.11)
          20 (level C1.10)    20 (level C2.10)
  20 (level B2.9)   20 (level C1.9)    20 (level C2.9)
  20 (level B2.8)   20 (level C1.8)    20 (level C2.8)
   20 (level B1.7)   20 (level B2.7)   20 (level C1.7)    20 (level C2.7)
   20 (level B1.6)   20 (level B2.6)   20 (level C1.6)    20 (level C2.6)
   20 (level A2.4)    20 (level B1.5)   20 (level B2.5)   20 (level C1.5)    20 (level C2.5)
   20 (level A2.3)    20 (level B1.4)   20 (level B2.4)   20 (level C1.4)    20 (level C2.4)
   20 (level A1.3)    20 (level A2.3)    20 (level B1.3)   20 (level B2.3)   20 (level C1.3)    20 (level C2.3)
   20 (level A1.2)    20 (level A2.2)    20 (level B1.2)   20 (level B2.2)   20 (level C1.2)    20 (level C2.2)
   20 (level A1.1)    20 (level A2.1)    20 (level B1.1)   20 (level B2.1)   20 (level C1.1)    20 (level C2.1)
              A1               A2               B1             B2             C1               C2
60              100              140            180            220              240