We offer two proposals:

The first, focused on a trip through the La Mancha region.

The second is a trip throughout Spain, organized in collaboration with other schools in different cities in Spain.


  • We propose a journey through Spanish culture in general and Toledo in particular, since this city represents the essence of Spain like no other.
  • Students become explorers who must pass three tests to get their seal of “Spanish student Denomination of Origin Mancha”
  • The tests are divided into three themes, flexible in terms of their development time. The first theme covers material heritage; the second, the immaterial and the third supposes an immersion in the popular Spanish festivals.

We combine different tools and activities in an always playful format to involve students in our journey.

During the development of the tests teams will work many times. The team that is most successful in carrying out the tasks will receive a box of La Mancha Designation of Origin products.

Cultural contents:

  • Symbols of Spanish culture
  • Tangible and intangible heritage of Toledo and Spain
  • Festivities of Spain

Platforms: Zoom or Microsoft teams

Duration: Minimum one hour per test. Maximum 5 hours per test.

Our teachers adapt to your needs: schedules, platforms, groups … we adapt to what you need.

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Learn Spanish and get to know Spanish culture by traveling virtually and interactively through different cities in Spain.

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